Sunday, December 26, 2010

Waffles: Two Pigs In A Poke

Need an idea for using up some of that leftover holiday ham?

We smoked a ham Wednesday afternoon because we knew that we were going to be wildly busy the two days before Christmas. We wanted to have plenty of options for quick meals like ham & cheese omelets and ham sandwiches. Here is one of the quick breakfasts that we came up with - Two Pigs In A Poke Waffles.

Finely dice ham and cook a few slices of bacon.

Put some of the bacon and ham in your waffle iron. For a Belgian waffle maker like my Waring Pro, use two slices of bacon and about 2-3 Tbsp of chopped ham. You can read my full review of this waffle maker here, but after several months, I highly recommend it. If you have a gift card to use, keep an eye out for this one. We bought ours at Sam's Club.

Pour your favorite waffle batter over top of the meat. I was using the recipe for Oh Boy Waffles!

Cook as you normally would. One of the problems I ran into at first was trying to judge how much batter to use, since I needed to reduce the normal amount to account for the extra volume of the ham and bacon. The first ones I reduced the batter too much but they still tasted good.

But with a little practice.....

Then next batches came out perfectly. Turns out you don't have to reduce the volume of batter much at all.

waffles with bacon and ham inside
Want to know a secret? Even the ugly ones taste great.

Waffles with bacon and ham inside
Now it's time to go clear a path out to our Big Green Eggs, I don't want to be tracking in snow and ice while I cook.