Thursday, November 11, 2010

MAPP Gas Cylinder Disposal

"Household hazardous waste disposal" is NOT the result of one of your failed recipe attempts. Well, okay, sometimes that might also require a Level A encapsulated suit.

A lot of barbecue and grilling enthusiasts use MAPP or MAP/Pro gas torches for lighting our lump coal and wood. This is especially true with owners of kamado style grills like the Big Green Egg, because you are lighting the coal inside of the cooker. I use mine 4-5 times a week and enjoy their benefits of being hot, fast, and easy.

But what happens when you get an empty cylinder?

You can buy these at any Home Depot, Lowes, or hardware store, so you must be able to toss them right? Nope. They are not disposable and tossing them in your trash is not only illegal in most areas - it puts other people at risk of injury. The "empties" aren't always really empty.

So what do you do with them?

To tell you the truth I wasn't sure either. That is why I have accumulated 3 empty containers.

So I contacted my local municipality's Solid Waste Office via email and within 24 hours had a prompt, professional, and courteous reply. Both representatives were very helpful.

In Knox County, TN, the answer is that the Household Hazardous Waste Collection Center will accept these MAPP gas cylinders for drop off from residents of Knoxville and Knox County. (Obviously this is contingent upon their normal terms and conditions, not commercial use, etc, etc see their web site for details.)

I just wanted to post this as a kind of public service announcement to encourage you (If you use MAPP or MAP/Pro gas cylinders) to find the proper route of disposal in your area. Don't just toss them in the trash.