Friday, May 14, 2010

May Is National BBQ Month Giveaway

UPDATE May 17, 2010: And we have a winner. I numbered the 22 eligible comments and did a random draw on The winner was #5 - Julie of The Sporadic Cook. Congratulations Julie!

In order to celebrate National BBQ Month and their recent partnership as the official supplier of the Kansas City Barbecue Society, Sam's Club is sponsoring my May Giveaway: a $25 gift card redeemable at Sam's Club.

  1. To enter, leave a comment below and tell me about one of your favorite memories of cooking out/grilling or barbecuing.
  2. If you use the "anonymous comment" option, be sure to leave your screen name in the comment so I can contact you if you are the winner. Something like "EggerinFL from the Egg Forum" or "swibirun from the BBQ Brethren forum" is enough.
  3. One entry per person.
  4. Drawing will be held Monday May 17th at 5:30pm Eastern. Comments will be numbered by order received and will generate a random number for the winner.
  5. Sam's will send the card directly to the winner.
What is the big deal about Sam's becoming the official supplier of KCBS? I think this is a major step for KCBS to pair up with such a huge corporate sponsor. It's a boost to competitive BBQ all around and I think that will help the other BBQ associations too. You can READ THE FULL DETAILS HERE but Sam's Club is ponying up some serious support in prize money and other ways. KCBS members also get a 25% discount on Club membership.

In addition to supporting the KCBS competitive events, Sam's is also going to host a series of "Club Competition and Expo" at some of their locations, which should be fun local events even for backyard cooks like myself.

Speaking of back yard grilling and barbecuing......

Holy cow, did you know you can grill okra? I had no idea! But it is quick, easy, and tastes ALMOST as good as fried okra. (Which ranks it above stewed okra & tomatoes and boiled okra.)

I know some of you will say, "Ewwwwww okra?" and that's okay, because I don't like certain veggies either but okra is a favorite of mine. Just ignore this post:)

Grilled Okra
1 lb okra, fresh, hole
1 cup of any vinaigrette

Marinade your okra in the vinaigrette for 15 minutes. It could be plain italian dressing or something you made. I did one with fig vinegar, dijon, S & P, lemon juice, and olive oil. Okra goes good with tomato so a sun dried tomato vinaigrette would be good too.

Grill over direct heat at ~400f for about 4-5 minutes per side.

Flat bbq skewers made it easy for me.

Served them up with Airline Chicken with Basil Butter (see my Fire Day Friday post over at Our Krazy Kitchen for that recipe).

Alexis and I both LOVED them. I was skeptical but the grilling brought out that rich nutty flavor you expect from okra and tenderized the pods perfectly.

I think I want to try stuffing a pod with some cream cheese and bacon or something like an ABT and try grilling them. I might even try smoking a few but not sure how that will turn out. I'm thinking high heat is the way to go.


  1. I love fried okra. It is one of the few green things I eat. I'll have to try grilled okra. I would have never thought of that! Stuffing them with cream cheese and bacon sounds interesting.

  2. As I mentioned over at OKK, love the grilled okra idea. I happen to love okra and love just about anything even better grilled.

    Favorite grilling memories - when we first moved here so close to the beach we spent probably 5 or 6 out of 7 nights a week grilling our dinner at the beach, sipping cold ones while the kids ran and played in the surf and sand. We dined while watching the sunset every evening. Paradise!

  3. I'd have been skeptical about grilled okra and would have never thought of doing it - glad it worked out. My favorite moment was when I could actually make my own BBQ pulled pork and it was good.

  4. Alright, I'm going to have to try the grilled okra. I don't really like okra, and the only I ever do to it is pickle it, where it just tastes like every other pickled vegetable.

  5. Love the grilled okra idea...very different. My favorite cooking out memories is when we go camping. I found a dutch oven at a thrift store and love trying to use it.

  6. Grilled corn on the cob in the husk.... you shuck it, leaving the husk attached, load it up with butter and all of your favorite spices and then grill to perfection. YUM!

  7. I did not know you could grill okra...maybe I will try it sometime.

    My favorite memory was a couple of years ago on 4th of July. We grilled and celebrated with the 20 plus family members that were in town.

  8. Oh look at those okra! I cannot believe I am saying this, but forget the meat, give me some hot sauce and them okras baby!

  9. I LOVE fried okra. I am going to try this recipe this week. Look for a plug from my site!

  10. Favorite Grilling Memories--Some of my favorite grilling memories come from tailgating down at the St. Louis Cardinal games on my bright red tailgate grill. Love being out with all of the people and smelling what others arecooking, too. Great times!

  11. Gift card? Yes please! Favorite grilling moment was when the boy screamed the house was on fire - had to run onto the deck and grab the hose and put out the flames coming from the grill...he lost some eyebrows and the house wasn't touched but it scared him into LISTENING to his mother for once! Fire NOT good! Fried okra? What happens to all the snot in the center? The mister loves okra - I try to humor him on occasion and serve it up so I'll have to try this. He'll be in Knoxville to see his two sons - I tried to get him to go the weekend of your get-together and then I would have come, too - desperate for some good ribs!! But we couldn't make it work...and I was hoping you'd have a prize for the person who came the farthest! xo, Nan

  12. Favorite moment was when I cut into my first brisket and it was fork tender. I have since had better more juicy results, but thanks to tips form the great folks on the Egghead forum my early success motivated me to not give up.

  13. I love to grill. I used to grill a two pound salmon fillet or a bunch of chicken breasts every Sunday to have them for the week. I have also loved ordering grilled tuna rare at a restaurant, often encrusted with toasted sesame seed, wasabi, and who knows what else, until I bought some sashimi grade tuna and grilled it myself. Seared on both sides over hot hot coals. No sauce, nothing, just great grilled taste outside with the most tender tuna inside. Nothing before or since has compared.

    But my favorite grilling event was the 12 pound turkey I cooked over the coals for Thanksgiving one year. A little olive oil. Some tarragon. Apples and onions in the cavity. The hardest part was making the aluminum foil pan to catch the drippings. THE BEST GRAVY EVER!! That smokey flavor was excellent. When I first sliced into the meat I thought it wasn't done because there was a pink cast around the edges. But that was from getting good and smoke roasting under the hood. Makes me want to do it again TODAY.

  14. In KCBS contests I get into, I have always bought my pork butt and baby backs from Sam's..not to mention a host of support supplies! Love to win this!

  15. My favorite grilling memory was smoking and burning a large paper wasp nest. I unwittingly lite the gas grill a few years ago and it seems the paper wasps thought that underneath the grate area was a good place to hang their hats. First alot of smoke, then a burst of flame coupled with a lot of swarming wasps and screaming me made for alot of excitement. I hate those little bastards!

  16. MY MY, you've been a busy boy. Thanks for the comment, glad to see you hung in there with me!

    As for my favorite grilling experience, it's probably my paella. But, anything that ends up NOT catching fire, is a success in my book :)

  17. You may not remember, but I've discovered a quick growning okra that may work in my northern garden. I've missed the dickens out of it! You can bet I will try this if my experimental crop makes it!

    Does using the grill to makes smores in the middle of winter, count? :)

  18. I've never grilled an Okra! But I rarely meet anything grilled that I don't like. :)

    My favorite grilling memory was in a little fishing village in Turkey. I took a tour on a tiny boat (just me and a pilot), and the guy caught small fish as we sailed along. He pulled up the line, cut and cleaned them in the sea water, and threw them on a portable grill. Sliced up some cukes and tomatoes, and that was lunch. Freshest grilled fish, eaten with hands, and a simple salad on the sea.

  19. Congrats on the Sam's Club partnership! I am going to opt out of the giveaway since we don't have one here, but my favorite bbq memories are of huge family gatherings just huddled around a picnic table outside eating burgers. Good stuff.

    I love okra and would NEVER have thought to grill it! Crazy. Yet delicious.

  20. My favorite grilling memory is when I was given a free Big Green Egg! Since then, cooking for friends has become my favorite past time. Of course, my second favorite memory will be winning a Sam's gift card!

  21. We don't have a Sam's Club - bummer. I haven't had okra for years. Grilling them is a great idea.

  22. Grilled okra sounds fantastic, Chris!!! Favorite grilling memeory,, fresh seafood in Key West Florida followed by oh yes and with some jello shots.

  23. I toss okra in olive oil and put smokin guns hot on them and then grill um

  24. Thanks for a great giveaway...I'm so excited :)


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