Monday, April 6, 2009

NCAA Basketball Tournament Championship

So it seems that my favorite college team participating in my favorite spectator sport has found their way to the championship game on Monday Night. March Madness has turned into April...uhh...uhhh....April Anarchy!

We're having some folks over tomorrow to watch the game and here is the menu (click on it if you can't read it) I finally came up with. We were going to do a dinner but come on.....this is the one sporting event that I LOVE every year (okay, this and the Tour de France). So snack foods it is!I planned it out so I can prep much of it in advance and use my Big Green Egg, oven, range top, and an electric griddle all at the same time. If you're in Knoxville, stop by!


  1. Cool menu! But I'll be having The Spartan tonight.

    I do hope it's at least a good game and not a runaway like most of NC's games have been! I have to give it to North Carolina-- They're in a whole 'nother league all their own. lol

  2. I like that you do an official menu in advance.

    I'll have the wings. Please!

    I hope you have some photos!

  3. I like the menu too! Is the green photo on your blog a smoker? I have not seen one that looks so much like a grenade before :) I love to smoke, and will be posting a smoked scallop and shrimp dish on Saturday, a new technique I have been wanting to try...unless the person who told me about it was smoking something else he should haven't...

  4. My team didn't even make it to the tournament! What the heck is the NIT tourney anyway? LOL


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