Monday, April 8, 2013

BBQ Eggroll

BBQ restaurant menus across North America have pretty consistent menu selections of meats and side dishes but every now and then you find something a bit unconventional, for example, the Redneck Taco at Martin's BBQ.   I stumbled across an unusual find like that while on a working vacation in Perdido Key, FL.

The Rib Shak is a BBQ joint located just inside the Florida border between Perdido Key and Orange Beach, AL.  I usually don't trust BBQ joints in tourist towns but they did have a nice rack of hickory and a reverse flow offset smoker was running so we pulled in for dinner.  

BBQ wood pile
Wood piles don't guarantee a good BBQ joint but they do increase your odds.
It is small-ish with 10 tables inside but has more than that outside.

The menu and the waitress both touted the "world famous BBQ egg roll" as an appetizer.  I thought that it could turn out really badly but I was on semi-vaction and it was on $2.50 so Alexis and I decided to split one.  
The Rib Shak Orange Beach Gulf Shores Perdidio
Only had my mobile phone with me, egg roll is at the bottom right.

I was pleasantly surprised, it was weird but actually good.  The crisp shell gives way to sweet, smoky pork and gooey mozzarella cheese for a combination that works great as an appetizer.

My prep time shows 10 minutes.  That doesn't include the 14 hour smoking of pork butt ( the Boston Roast) but you could use leftover crock pot pulled pork or even that packaged pulled pork. 

how to make BBQ eggrolls, leftover pulled pork, BBQ eggrolls recipe

BBQ Eggroll

Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 12 minutes

Ingredients (4 appetizer portions)
  • 4 egg roll wrappers
  • 1 cup chopped smoked pork
  • 1/4 cup sweet BBQ sauce (I used Blues Hog)
  • 1 tsp BBQ seasoning (I used Drapers AP)
  • 4 strips of mozzarella 3" x 1/4" x 1/4"
  • Egg wash (1 egg and 1 Tbsp of cold water whisked together)
  • Oil for frying
  1. Mix the pork, sauce and BBQ rub together.
  2. Place egg roll wrapper on counter diagonally so one corner points towards you.
  3. Place 1/4 cup of the pork mix and 1 stick of cheese in the center lower third as pictured.
  4. Moisten top corner with the egg wash.
  5. Roll bottom of egg roll wrapper over the mixture as pictured. Fold the two side corners inwards. Roll upwards to the top corner. Repeat with other 3 wrappers.
  6. Place in 350f oil and deep fry until golden, about 2-4 minutes.
  7. Remove to a raised rack and keep warm while repeating with the others.
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The Shed Spicy Sweet BBQ sauce, pulled pork,
I'll cover the pork BBQ cook in the next post.

Bad picture but another use for the trusty Thermapen, indoors or out.

how to make BBQ eggrolls, leftover pulled pork, BBQ eggrolls recipe
You can also break the cheese up like this, but we liked it whole better.

how to make BBQ eggrolls, leftover pulled pork, BBQ eggrolls recipe

how to make BBQ eggrolls, leftover pulled pork, BBQ eggrolls recipe

how to make BBQ eggrolls, leftover pulled pork, BBQ eggrolls recipe

how to make BBQ eggrolls, leftover pulled pork, BBQ eggrolls recipe

We made seven different versions, some trying to get the right texture and then some just for variety.

Version 1 - pulled pork, mozzarella, a little sweet and spicy bbq sauce.  The texture wasn't right, not enough sauce.
Version 2 - pulled pork, pepper jack cheese, a little sweet and spicy bbq sauce.   Same as above and further away from the taste of Rib Shak's than version 1.
Version 3 - pulled pork, mozzarella, sweet bbq sauce.  Closer but texture still not right.
Version 4 - chopped pork, mozzarella, sweet bbq sauce.  On the right track.
Version 5 - chopped pork, sweet bbq sauce, bbq rub all mixed together, then cheese.  Spot on, that is it.
Version 6 - tried a version without cheese but added a "dry slaw" of shredded cabbage and carrots tossed in NC vinegar sauce then drained.  Was about a 50/50 ratio of meat/slaw.  Would be better 30/70 meat/slaw.  Worth trying again to experiment.
Version 7 - vegetarian of just slaw.  Actually very good although not much different than a regular egg rollThis would be something that might be good to offer in a meat laden BBQ menu just to give your guests something different.
Hmmm maybe I should have done one with pork and mac and cheese?    What's the most different thing you have seen in an egg roll?


  1. Pleasure and pork seem to go together.

  2. Pleasure and pork appear to go together very well.

  3. I bet they were good. How clever of you to be able to duplicate them at home Chris.

  4. I love it when restaurants pleasantly surprise me! Especially when tourist town restaurants pleasantly surprise me...that only happens once in a blue moon!

  5. Looks great Chris - I can envision how good it is with the crisper outside, which I love. Egg roll wrapper = Chinese for bun

  6. I think these bbq egg rolls sound incredible. I'd love to try the 30/70 meat slaw combo. I do have egg roll wrappers left from my wonton soup meal. And to answer your question, this is the most different thing I've seen in an egg roll... but it does get me thinking.

  7. Yours eggroll looks way better than theirs! yum.

  8. What happened to your blog roll? It is why I come here so often.

  9. i tried corned beef spring rolls at an irish pub not too long ago. they were served with a mustard seed dipping sauce. not too bad, but i think i would like these better!

  10. I want to know where you got the ADORABLE pig bowl for serving the pulled pork. It is absolutely perfect. Thank you so much

  11. Hhhhmmm.. bbq egg rolls.. very interesting indeed. I don't know if it's unusual, but the two different types of egg rolls, besides the standard version, that I have tried are a southwestern version which had chicken and black beans and salsa in it. And the other was pad thai... yep, just what you get on a plate.. but in the egg roll wrapper. Okay, so definitely not as unusual as bbq!!!

  12. I like that you tried different versions to find the one you liked best. They look and sound really tasty.

  13. Chris-

    How have I not heard of these!!?? They look unreal good! I'm going to shoot a video and give you props for the idea. I'm thinking some hot chow-chow and a mustard-base sauce for my version...but I'll probably try several variations like you did just for fun :) Well done my friend!!

  14. THIS is the most unique egg roll I've seen! I usually don't like egg rolls but I could so get behind this. Um, love your big dish! ADORABLE! I love pepper jack cheese so I may like that version if it could be the right texture. And should you have done one with pork and mac and cheese? Do you even have to ask?? :)

  15. I admire that you go to great lengths to get it right! These sound and look insanely good! Love the fusion.

  16. Like Anonymous above, I too would like to knwo where you get the pig shaped serving bowl for the pork. Looked online and could not find it

    Anonymous #2

  17. That tray was a gift but my sister tells me that she got it from Kirkland's but I couldn't find it online either.

  18. Thanks Chris, tried this last night, it will be in our rotation for sure.

  19. This sounds really good and something my family would like. As for different egg rolls, I did a jalapeno popper egg role the other weekend. You use cream cheese, sour cream and jalapenos mixed all together and roll up the egg roll and then bake them until golden brown. My family loved those!

  20. They sell those bowls at this site: Hope this helps those who want it.