Friday, October 26, 2012

Happy Porktober!

I have been remiss in my duties.  It seems that I have forgotten to mention that October is National Pork Month or as I like to call it, "Porktober"! 

To commemorate Porktober, here are some ribs that Trevor and I made a while back.  We used Melissa Cookston's recipe for barbecuing loin back ribs (aka "baby back" but there are technical differences).

Who is Melissa Cookston?  Seriously?  

Gee....she only won Memphis in May World Championships twice in the past three years and is the co-owner of the highly acclaimed Memphis Barbecue Company in Horn Lake, MS.  Some people say she is one of the best female pitmasters out there.  They are wrong.  She is one of the best pitmasters out there.  

You might have caught Melissa recently  on Food Network's Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives when they visited Memphis Barbecue Company for their world championship barbecue (Surf'n'Turf Jackpot episode.)  I DVR'd it because
  1. I'm a BBQ geek 
  2. and so I can do an at home version of her awesome sounding, drool inducing cheese fritters.  If you saw the episode, you know what I mean.
The recipe for the ribs can be found here - World Champion Melissa Cookston's Competition Style Baby Back Ribs.

Here are some pics of our fun cooking the ribs.

Trevor pulling off the membranes.

Trevor slathering on the mustard.

Ready to go into the fridge over night.

Two hours into the cook on the Big Green Egg, smoked with cherry and hickory.

Trevor demonstrating the "bend test", my favorite part of the day. 

Ribs.  I like ribs.  Did I mention that?  Ribs, ribs, ribs.
Fancy plating...errrr...I mean, PAPER plating. 

I followed the recipe as written which has some steps that I normally don't do.
  • Her recipe has you put the mustard slather on AFTER the dry rub.  Most I see have you do it BEFORE and I usually don't bother with the mustard slather at all.
  • Cookston's recipe has you let the ribs sit with the rub on them overnight.  I don't usually.
  • She cooks the ribs at two different temps in stages.
Despite all the departures from my normal techniques, these ribs tasted great.  I found that I really liked the base rub recipe and I've used it several times since then.   I think this just re-iterates that there is not just one way to make good BBQ.  

So it's not too late to enjoy Porktober!  To get your creative juices flowing, check out Pork Be Inspired` for some delicious recipes featuring all things pork.
Happy Porktober!


  1. Boy, you just squeaked in to the month of Porktober, eh what? I love ribs, and I love them roasted in my oven in the absence of your truly's owning a grill of any kind. Don't worry, nothing about that will change the world in any way.

  2. Happy Porktober indeed!

    Interesting twist to add the mustard after the rub. Perhaps it seals in the rub better.
    I bet you're proud of Trevor - he'll be the Egg Master that you are any day now.

  3. I've never won MIM so I'll not be critical, but adding the mustard atop the evenly placed rub then trying to make it even again doesn't seem like it would work - but did I say I've never won MIM.

  4. There are only 5 days left in the month and NOW you tell me it's Porktober? I missed out on 26 days!!!! :)

  5. I'm very glad to hear about Porktober because I have about a dozen pork roast recipes I've bookmarked to try. I'm still heading over to Pork Be Inspired to take a look around.

  6. I am very impressed by the surgical gloves. I should be so professional. GREG

  7. We'll try to help you out of the ditch. Big sister will be smoking with her BGE tonight - pulled pork with Mom's famous coleslaw and chocolate devil's food cake Sunday afternoon.

  8. Hey Trev- you are really moving up the Green Egg ladder!

  9. Every month is National Pork month.

  10. i would never think to put mustard on ribs, what a great idea! i LOVE ribs.

  11. I love that you are teaching your son how to cook! My husband can only do bean and cheese burritos - it's a good thing I love cooking!

    The ribs look AMAZING!