Friday, September 6, 2019

Competition Style Ribs

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I did a couple of racks of competition style ribs and then fed them to our neighbors at the pool a few weeks ago.  My competition rib process hasn't changed that much so I won't rehash it here.

Competition style pork spare ribs from a Kamado grill featuring Cheshire Heritage Pork ribs

Big Green Egg Modular Nest with two racks of spare ribs
I start with thick Cheshire Heritage Pork St Louis-style trimmed pork spare ribs.  They aren't cheap but I have had the best results with these.

One thing that I love about my BGE Modular Nest is that I have so much space for work area, plenty of room for spreading out.  But can we just call it a table?  Once you add a side piece, it's a table, not a nest.  

A smoker controller like the Flame Boss mounts easily on the cross beams of the BGE Modular Nest
Another thing I like about the table is that the cross beams give me the perfect place to mount my Flame Boss controller.  It says set on 265f but was actually running more like 280-290f.  I had my temp probe mounted close to the ribs so it threw the temp reading off a bit for the first 30 minutes or so.  I didn't feel like moving the probe so I just adjusted the set temp to accommodate for that.  

Two racks of Spare Ribs on a large Big Green Egg with an Adjustable Rig
My typical rib set up.  You can do ribs on an Egg just fine with the standard ConvEGGtor/Plate Setter but the ends of the ribs stick out over openings and can burn.  I prefer using a multi-tier set up like an Adjustable Rib using an 13" x 17" oval ceramic stone as the heat deflector.  The rectangular-ish heat deflector protects the ends of long foods like whole brisket and ribs.

Cheshire Heritage Pork Ribs smoking on a Big Green Egg and Adjustable Rig
I cook them until I get the color I want and then I switch to foiling. 

Foiling slows the color development, speeds up the cooking process, and creates a tender rib.  for competition tenderness, that is about 2 hours 20 minutes foiled at 290°f.  When I'm cooking non-competition ribs, sometimes I foil, sometimes I don't.
Glazed BBQ pork spare ribs on a large Big Green Egg kamado grill
Then it is just a matter of glazing the ribs and putting them back on for about 10 minutes.  These 10 minutes set the glaze and give the ribs one last kiss of smoke.

The two racks of ribs disappeared at our neighborhood pool so those "BBQ judges" liked 'em.