Saturday, March 31, 2012

Saturday Miscellaneous

Just a few odds and ends.

Final Fire Day Friday
I posted my last guest post for Fire Day Friday at Our Krazy Kitchen last night and it was a good one.  I simple grilled chicken sandwich with a creamy red pepper sauce that was to die for.  I can't believe how easy but great the sauce was.  I'll be reusing that spread for other things for sure.

Gas Leak
One of the great things my blog has given me is the chance to work behind the scenes on product development with great companies.  The down side is that I'm often not at liberty to talk about those things until they come to fruition on the market.  

Right now I have a grill grate prototype that I can't show on my blog because it's in development and a new line of beans that I have known about for while but can't write about until next week.  But we have finely been given the green light to "leak" info about a new Kingsford product that is coming out this Memorial Day - HICKORY INFUSED PROPANE.  The official campaign starts mid-month but apparently the info got out on a BBQ forum so Kingsford has decided to let the test group go ahead and blog about it.  Here is Clint Cantwell, editor of and pitmaster of the Smoke In Da Eye competitive bbq team, talking a little bit about it.

UPDATE:  Yeah.....this was an April Fools prank :) :) :)

BBQ Central Show
Greg Rempe of the BBQ Central Show has shown his usual bad judgement and invited me back for another segment on the BBQ Central Show for Tuesday, April 10th.  Not sure of what time yet but the show runs 9pm to 11pm EST.  The weekly show is about all things BBQ and grilling, from competition cooking to the back yard grill.  

Greg makes the show not only informative but entertaining.  BBQ Central interviews some of the biggest and hottest names in BBQ & grilling, be it comp teams, sanctioning bodies, celebrities, manufacturers or even back yard hacks like myself.  There is a lot of good natured ribbing but also a lot of tips are shared.  It is available live (with video and chat room) or podcast (audio only). 

Tune in for my interview but stay for the whole show and see what BBQ Central is all about.  Get in the smoke!

Okay, I'm off to do some work around the house.  Have a great weekend everyone!