Sunday, December 20, 2009

Miscellaneous Stuff

Smoky Mountain Carbonara
Last night we made Katherine's Smoky Mountain Cafe's Carbonara and it was as great as it sounded. If you haven't visited Katherine's food blog, get over there and check it out.

Big Green Egg
I picked up my new fire box (aka fire bowl) for my Big Green Egg today.

I just wanted to say again how phenomenal the customer service at Big Green Egg and their Knoxville distributor, Hearth and Patio, is. A few weeks ago, my fire box developed a crack. It was the easiest, most painless, and customer friendly warranty experience I have ever had. The Big Green Egg is a world class product backed by world class customer service.

If you are ever considering buying a high end grill, smoker, and convection oven, you definitely need to check out a Big Green Egg.

Ox Rotisserie
Sure the Ronco Rotisserie (set it and forget it) or a rotisserie attachment for your grill can handle some roasts or chickens. But what if you wanted to throw a whole Ox on the rotisserie?

I found this on There, I Fixed It. It's a hilarious site that is the handyman's version of ICanHasCheezeburger or People of Walmart.
I hope that all of you folks stuck in the snow are doing OK!