Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Product Review: Dragon Knuckles

[FTC Disclosure] I paid full price for my Dragon Knuckles Heat Resistant Gloves.  The link provided is an Amazon Affiliate link.  

Gift Card Week:  A lot of people received cash and prepaid cards for Christmas this week.  I thought it would be an opportune time to post some product reviews this week for the things that Santa didn't bring you.

A good pair of heat resistant gloves is essential for having a fun and safe time with your grills and in your kitchen.  For the longest time, a good pair of welding gloves was my weapon of choice.  In March 2017, I bought a pair of Dragon Knuckles after chatting with the owner on Twitter.

Dragon Knuckles heat-resistant grilling gloves review

I have used them extensively for the past year, at home and on the circuit.  The Dragon Knuckles have become my go-to pair of grilling gloves for several reasons.
  • Design - The gloves have the extended cuff.  Most of my burns don't happen on my hands.  Instead, I reach across or under a hot metal rack then burn my forearm when I inadvertently brush against the hot object.  The extended cuff length protects against that.
  • Construction - Dragon Knuckles are made using 13 ounces of meta-aramid (aka Nomex) and para-aramid (aka Kevlar).  The coating of silicone adds further heat protection and grip.
  • Reversible - Dragon Knuckles fit on either hand.  This is particularly useful because I'm good at misplacing items like these gloves and if I can only find one, it won't be the wrong hand. 
  • Comfort - In a previous life, I was a safety professional, and my degree was in Occupational Safety and Health.  I know that comfort is critical for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).  If the PPE isn't comfortable, you are going to avoid wearing it and find your own, potentially less safe, alternatives.  Dragon Knuckles are the most comfortable gloves that I have. 
  • Durability - These things have taken my abuse for 9 months and are in excellent condition.

Dragon Knuckles heat-resistant grilling gloves review
I have a bin full of silicone gloves, oven mitts, and welding gloves but I have found myself opting for the Dragon Knuckles almost exclusively.

In my opinion, Dragon Knuckles are the best grilling gloves that I have used.
I like to use Dragon Knuckles whether I am grilling on one of my kamado style grills, a gas grill, or one of our commercial smokers.
Dragon Knuckles heat-resistant grilling gloves review
One challenge for heat resistant gloves is handling a scorching hot cast iron pan when you are pan-searing steaks.  The Dragon Knuckles met this challenge as good or better than any of my other gloves.  

Dragon Knuckles heat-resistant grilling gloves review
Dragon Knuckles are the heat-resistant gloves that I make sure to pack for onsite cooking, such as; KCBS barbecue competitions, Eggfests, and cooking demos.

Dragon Knuckles heat-resistant grilling gloves review
FlambĂ©ing a pan sauce after pan-searing some steaks.  The cast iron skillet is literally "hot as fire," but the Dragon Knuckles let me hold the skillet without hesitation

Dragon Knuckles heat-resistant grilling gloves review
Perhaps the most challenging test for grilling gloves is how well they let you handle a burning hot heat-diffuser (Conveggtor/Plate-setter) or the firebox of a gravity feed smoker.  Both of these items are hotter than the temp rating of the gloves.  But they handle the heat briefly, enough time to safely place them on a heat-safe landing spot. 

Despite using more protective materials than many competing gloves, Dragon Knuckles are competitively priced.  Currently, they are $30 which is in line for the smaller Ove Glove ($14 for a single) and less than the similar Big Green Egg branded glove ($39.95 for a single).

Dragon Knuckles heat-resistant grilling gloves review
David and Jana, told me "We've been punishing them and can't kill them." 
That matches my experience as these are my gloves today, after 9 months of heavy use.  A bit dirty, but not damaged.

Dragon Knuckles are comfortable, resilient, and my choice for grilling gloves. 
Dragon Gloves are available at