Monday, April 10, 2017

Char-Broil Post: Honey BBQ Wings

[FTC Standard Disclaimer] Char-Broil is a sponsor of Nibble Me This and I receive compensation from them for developing recipes and other content.  However, any opinions offered are my own.

I am glad to have Char-Broil on board as a sponsor for 2017.  Most of my work with them will appear on their website but I want to link to it from here and give you a few behind the scenes shots.  Last month, I made these super easy and delicious Honey BBQ Wings.

Simple, easy, and quick recipe for grilled wings featuring the Char-Broil Kamander kamado grill

I cooked these wings on Char-Broil's new and first (to my knowledge) kamado style grill - The Kamander.  

The Kamander is a budget priced kamado (~$350 neighborhood).  I have to be honest and tell you that I was surprised at it's performance.  I expected it to be "not great" because of it's price point but after several grilling and smoking sessions, it actually performs well.  As I would expect from a good kamado grill, I was able to both grill at high temps and steady, low temps. Obviously, there are many factors to consider, so I'll post a full review later.

Like other kamados, the Kamander runs best on lump charcoal instead of briquettes.

Simple and easy Honey BBQ sauce recipe
The Honey BBQ Sauce given with the recipe on Char-Broil's site is simple with just 9 ingredients but it is not shy in the flavor department.

How to grill wings on a kamado grill
For seasoning the wings, I used a basic BBQ rub with a sweet and salty flavor profile with just the slightest kick of heat at the end.

Honey BBQ Wings on a kamado grill
Most times I cut the wings into drummettes and wing portions but lately I've been on a kick of doing them whole.  I know it's psychological but I feel like I get more to eat this way. 

How to grill whole wings on a charcoal grill
Whole wings are easier to flip, too.  

Grilling Honey BBQ Wing recipe on the Char-Broil Kamander kamado
I used direct grilling for these wings instead of fire roasting them indirectly.  It's a good bit faster but requires paying a little bit more attention during the cook.

These wings are great for a change of pace or milder palettes that don't like a much heat at all.