Monday, May 23, 2011

On Our Grills May

It is time again for the monthly "On Our Grills" challenge.

On Our Grills is a regular event that tests a collection of grilling/smoking geniuses and/or misfits are tested with making a meal around 4 ingredients.  The only rules are that you must use all of the ingredients and at least the protein must be cooked over some form of live fire (grilling, smoking, stir fire, cold smoking, flame thrower, molotov cocktail, etc).   

There is no winner or prize.  The whole point is to compare notes on how we all approached the menu, cooking techniques, and execution of the meal.  Plus it was a way to get us hard core grillers to realize there are more food groups than meat, bacon, bbq rub, and bbq sauce.  The ingredients for May 2011 were:


Wild Rice

Fava Beans

"anything starting with the first letter of your name"
I chose chorizo

This is one of the easiest lists we have had.  Except for the fact I couldn't find fava beans in the 4 stores that I went to.  So I substituted butter beans. 

I also cheated had help.  My chicken dish was 99.9 1/2% stolen from inspired by Mike and Debbie Davis of the world championship BBQ team Lotta Bull.   I took their cooking class at Dead End BBQ this weekend and they did a kielbasa stuffed chicken breast.

So I did pretty much the same thing but used chorizo instead.   I had my Big Green Egg running at 350f set up for direct heat with my grid (grill grate) raised 2 1/2" inches.  I grilled a 4 ounce link of Johnsonville chorizo for about 20 minutes, turning 1/4 turn every 5 minutes.  I sliced it into 1/4" slices.

I sliced a pocket into the side of each chicken breast and stuffed 2-3 slices of chorizo in each.  Seal the edge with a couple of toothpicks.

Then I seasoned them with Lotta Bull's UnBullevable All Purpose Seasoning.  I had it on several things in the class and liked the flavors it brings.  You can order it online or use your favorite season salt or creole seasoning if you have to use what is on hand.
I remembered the toothpicks before grilling.

Finally, I grilled the chicken for about 24 minutes flipping every 5-6 minutes.   About halfway through, I applied a special oil based baste, super secret ingredient.  It comes in a plastic blue bottle, starts with a P and rhymes with "dark day".   I know a lot of BBQrs have used this for ribs on the pro circuit but this was my first time using it.

For the butter beans, I chopped two slices of bacon and par-cooked them in a tin.  Then I added the butter beans and 1 tsp of my rib rub.  I let that cook for about 1 hour on the grill.  Simple but Alexis said that they were the best beans she's eaten.

For the wild rice, I took the easy route, cooked it and served it inside of a reverse timbale of white rice.

The overall results were good.  I'll definitely be making the beans this way again.  Next time on the chicken, I'll butterfly the breasts instead (like Mike did) and season the inside too.  I wish I had done something more with the rice.  It was good but some chopped dried cherries would have been good or maybe some other add ins.

Check out the other participants below to see what they came up with using these same 4 ingredients.

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