Friday, April 22, 2011

Curry Chicken

I've never been a big fan of curry until the past year or so, when I got a mouth awakening curry from my favorite Thai restaurant here in Knoxville.     Since then I crave the flavor often and last night tried making Bon Appetit's Sri Lankan Chicken Curry.

The results were just okay.  It lacked the oomph! you expect from a curried dish.  I had such high hopes for it because the ingredients were fresh and some of my favorites (onion, cilantro, ginger, curry powder, garlic, red pepper, turmeric, etc).  It filled the house with the rich aroma.  But on the plate it just under-delivered.  It was too mild.  Sriracha helped doctor it up some.
  • Curry - The curry powder was brand new, so it wasn't that.  I wonder if curry paste would have been better.
  • Chicken - The chicken thighs were less than perfect.  They were poorly trimmed and had excessive fat in them.  Plus I made matters worse by overcrowding the pan during the browning portion of the cook. Maybe I should have let the paste sit on the chicken for a while. 
  • Coconut milk - I didn't use canned, I used the bottled coconut milk we had in the fridge.  I assumed it would be fresher and better.  UPDATE:  The milk is So Delicious brand and it says it is cultured, adding pre and probiotics.  Could that be part of the problem, can you cook with this stuff? 

I won't make this version again.  Help me out, do you have a favorite, rock solid curry recipe?  It doesn't have to be chicken.  Leave a link if you have one on your blog or another site. 

Dead End BBQ 2011 Cooking Series
This time tomorrow I will be taking the rib class at George Ewart's restaurant.  We'll be learning the ins and outs of how to boil ribs in beer and then cook them in a crock pot.  Just kidding, breathe.  It is going to be a hands on class on the finer points of slow smoking pork ribs. 

Later this year, 4 time American Royal champion Mike Davis from Team Lotta Bull will be teaching a class on May 22nd.  I took his classes at BBQ Boot Camp last year in Sevierville and enjoyed myself.

Then on June 18th, Robyn from will be teaching a ladies only grilling clinic, no testosterone allowed.  Alexis will be attending this one in lieu of me. 

If you are interested in these classes, visit Dead End BBQ and sign up.