Sunday, June 13, 2010

Mahi Mahi Maui Style

Maui style. What does that mean to you?

To most people, it probably means tropical or Hawaiian.

But to me, it reminds me of my adolescence because I started surfing when I was 14 years old. I was as passionate about surfing as we foodies are about food. And just like now when I cook outside year round, back then, I surfed year round, even in the winter. One of my favorite pieces of surf wear was a Maui and Son's sweatshirt that my sister bought me for Christmas in the 80's when Quicksilver, OP, Lightning Bolt, and surf wear were all the rage. It was perfect for changing into after peeling off a cold wetsuit.

I mentioned that sweatshirt tonight to Brett because I had given it to him and he told me that Trevor now had it. Some ~25 years later, that sweatshirt is still in use!

What in the sam hell does that have to do with cooking? Well, Maui and Sons started out as a cookie company but their venture failed so they turned to surf wear. The logo that adorned several pairs of baggies that I wore was based on a chocolate chip cookie.

I never knew that until tonight until the whole sweatshirt thing caused me to look them up on line.

While this recipe has nothing to do with Maui and Sons, it definitely fits my idea of Maui style! Bold and brash.

Mahi Mahi Maui Style
source: Not sure. I find this on several of the big recipe sites but no one cites the original source.

3-4 mahi mahi fillets
2 tsp butter
2 cloves garlic
2 tsp teriyaki sauce
4 tsp lemon juice
2 tsp honey
2 tsp sesame seeds

Melt the butter and saute garlic until it starts to brown. Remove from heat and whisk in the teriyaki sauce, lemon juice, honey and 1 tsp of the sesame seeds.

Marinate the fillets for 30 minutes while you preheat a grill to 350f.

Grill meat side down for about 3 minutes. Flip and grill skin side down for 5-8 minutes, until the fillet hits an internal temp of 140f.

Serve with sweet and sour rice and soy steamed green beans. I poured a smiddgen (official measurement) of the sweet and sour sauce over the fish too.

If you want to make an impressive grilled fish dish, then you want to give this one a try. I've been making this one for many years and it always rocks. And keep in mind, I hate fish.