Saturday, August 15, 2009

Trevor Cooks

My 9 y/o has cooked for the past two days. He has had football practice for 3 hours a night Mon-Thurs for the past two weeks, so being off last night I guess he was bored AND hungry.

One of the things he knows how to cook is sauteed chicken breast. So last night I talked him through turning that into chicken picatta by adding some lemon juice, broth, and capers. He did every bit, I just told him what to do. He insisted on wearing the hat that his brother's girlfriend brought that morning.With school starting next week, Trevor asked if he could smoke some bologna. It's his favorite lunch meat. It's actually pretty good and I don't like bologna.

Yeah, smoked bologna. The first time I heard of it was at a BBQ competition and I thought it was a joke too. But it's something many BBQ enthusiasts have done to entertain themselves during a long cook. It's basically a chub of bologna, slathered with mustard, rubbed with a bbq rub and smoked for about 90 minutes. I think I'm seeing WHY he likes making smoked bologna so much, it's like playing in mud!
He had too much smoke here, but got it burning cleaner within the first 10 minutes.
One was glazed in BBQ sauce the other with honey/butter.Of course, we don't let him use the electric meat slicer, yet!It's a good thing I got my black belt in karate...I might have to start fighting this kid for kitchen time.