Monday, February 2, 2009

I've Got A Fever and the Prescription Is More Cowball!

The new season of Hell's Kitchen started last week and I've made my pick for whom I am rooting. It was rather easy, actually. I'm pulling for Carol Scott.
Sure, it's a homer pick. Carol is a sous chef at the local restaurant, Peerless.

Sure, you could also accuse me of picking her for being a cutie, which is also true.

But when Gordon had the initial tasting of their signature dishes, when he normally rips the chefs & spits out the food, he praised her food. Plus I like the way she carries herself in the kitchen. I think she's got a chance to go far and she doesn't seem like the kind who will shortcut her ethics to get there. I don't think she wins because filming ended last year and from what I hear she is still in Knoxville. If she'd won, she'd be at her new restaurant now.

Why the post title? When Peerless opened in Knoxville a few years ago, my son Trevor was 6 or 7 and referred to it as "that cow ball place". I'll let you figure out why from this picture of their mascot out front.Cock of the walk, Baby!

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