Saturday, August 21, 2010


One of my daily routines is reading the newspaper at lunch. A real, physical, tangible, held in your hands newspaper. One of my favorite comic strips in the News Sentinel is Overboard by Chip Dunham. It's about a bunch of bumbling, good hearted pirates whose past times include grilling and gardening.

"If you don't own a charcoal grill, you should"
-Steven Raichlen
Planet Barbecue

I wonder what the menu for the Overboard cookouts is...

"Get yer hands off my Booty" (pork butt)
"Peg Leg" (chicken drummettes on a skewer)

Any other ideas?


  1. Walk the Plank (Salmon on a cedar plank)

  2. Overboard is great! Maybe they're serving "parrot kabobs."

  3. Arrrrrgh-ratin Potates as a lovely side dish.

  4. Dude, it's gotta be barrrrrrrgh-b-que.

  5. We get the paper delivered daily, but I rarely read it. The Cajun "scans" it. When I was working at the law firm reading the comics was a daily routine. Kinda needed it in THAT work if you know what I mean. I don't think we get this strip though. I've never seen it before. That's a cute one. Of course, you can always have both charcoal and propane! ;) I do!

  6. A real newspaper? They still make those? ;-)

  7. My husband faithfully reads the newspaper every morning. Pam already said mine. Walk the plank salmon.

  8. The perfect comic stip for you.

  9. I've never even heard of this comic -- I left physical newsprint behind a long time ago. My favorite online comic:


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